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DELIBERANT APC-5Mi 802.11 a + n Indoor AP 5 GHz. [DLB-APC-5MI]  $70.31 


5 GHz. 802.11 A+N, MiMo, Indoor Access Point IPOL protocol


APC 5Mi is a small, but robust and high performance 5 GHz access point designed for indoor applications. This product is equipped with an extreme output power (up to 29 dBm) 802.11n MIMO radio which allows communicating effectively older 802.11A equipment together with latest standards wireless devices. The APC 5Mi is coupled with an advanced and feature-rich operating system which allows the product to operate as an access point and as a station at the same time, also act as bridge and as router.

The included, robust software engine allows the APC 5Mi to work as bridge or as a router, provides a user-friendly Adobe Flex - based GUI with instant changes, includes useful installation tools (Site survey, Antenna alignment, Delayed reboot, Spectrum analyzer), and also is compatible with Wireless Network Management System for one of the most advanced management tools on the market.




Operating System

In addition to being extremely fast and functional, the new Deliberant OS has all the features required for the WISP community including router and bridge modes, auto modulation, smart auto-channel, internal UAM (captive portal), WDS (compatible with 3rd party equipment), VLAN’s, virtual AP’s, traffic shaping, tools such as antenna alignment, site survey and many more.

iPoll - new PTMP protocol

Deliberant APC series products have an option to use extremely efficient proprietary point-tomultipoint protocol called iPoll™. It eliminates mediated access by polling every subscriber sequentially. The data transmission arbitration is accomplished by the access point. The AP sends data and a poll frame to a station and receives data from the polled station before starting to poll other stations. Each station starts sending data once a poll frame is received. Proprietary iPoll™ protocol enables maximum bandwidth with the lowest possible latency.

Additional Advantages

Integrated Spectrum Analyzer

All Deliberant APC series devices have an integrated spectrum analyzer. It is a real-time spectrum scanning tool, which provides a graphical signal representation and displays maximum, average, and current signal (noise) levels. This makes the installation of devices very easy and allows spectrum pre-scanning to avoid interference problems.

External Leds

The Deliberant APC series equipment has external LEDs that can be used for:

• Antenna alignment (RSSI level) in a client mode
• Seeing average RSSI level on the base-station side
• Seeing lowest RSSI level on the base-station side
• Seeing number of clients connected on a basestation side

Thresholds can be specified in the GUI for each mode.

IP Standard Compliance

Deliberant APC series equipment are tested against harsh weather conditions to perform well in extreme temperature conditions. Each of the products has an IP standards based rating.

Wall and Pole Mounting Options

Wall and pole mouting options are available for eachof the APC series products and there is no need to buy any additional hardware to be able to mount the unit on the wall.

Small Size and Light Packaging

All the products are very light and small in size to ensure low shipping costs for the end-users.

LinkCalc in a PTMP mode

LinkCalc is a free online application available for all the registered users with a functionality to do the AP coverage calculation according to certain area. All Deliberant products are compatible with a LinkCalc tool together with their main parameters. Besides, it is also possible to do custom Base Station coverage calculations for the 3rd party products.

The main highlights of the LinkCalc tool are:

• Easy and quick planning
• Support for PTP and PTMP modes
• Free online application that can be used with any wireless equipment
• Integration with Google Maps
• Allows storing, downloading and publishing data about the links online
• Downloadable PDF reports can be used by the equipment installerteams in the field

WNMS - Easy Way to Control Your Network

WNMS (Wireless Network management System) is a FREE enterprise grade Wireless Network Management System available for download on the Deliberant website. A single software solution simplifies a large number of management and monitoring tasks for network administrators. Comprehensive network management software supports up to several thousand nodes.

Main WNMS tasks:

• Multiple OS support (Windows, Virtual Machine, Linux)
• Network visualization on Google Maps
• Configuration and maintenance
• Monitoring and alerting
• Smart discovery and provisioning
• Statistical data collection and reporting

WNMS 1.0

We are constantly updating the WNMS functionality to improve the performance and make it a more suitable system for our users. Latest release of the WNMS system include automatic wireless topology drawing, device warranty and next day replacement tracking and alerting, improved GUI usability, extended email alerting per network and per alert definition and multiple language support.

The future releases will include 3rd party equipment support for SNMP monitoring and alerting, auto provisioning of the wireless networking equipment and many more.

Integrated Hotspot functionality

• Web based authorization (internal or external UAM)
• Additional encryption (WEP, WPA) (more security)
• Customizable internal UAM page
• Traffic shaping
• Time and volume based account management
• Multiple UAM support over multiple SSID (8 UAM and 8 SSID)
• Local user authorization (no Radius)

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 16 October, 2011.
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